21 Lessons in 21 Days: Be Still


This post is apart of the blog series 21 Lessons in 21 Days

Lesson Thirteen: you can hear a lot more when you take the time to be quiet.

In a world that constantly bombards us with new things to do and look at, it can be difficult to just sit and be still. I find that I have to be really intentional with isolating myself sometimes because it’s so easy to be sucked into what’s going on in the world. What’s on social media, what’s in the current news, what everyone is doing in the moment are all things that are continually being brought to our attention. You tune in for what’s intended to be a few minutes, and end up losing hours at the blink of an eye. The thing is, when we’re constantly distracted by the world we don’t leave any time to spend with ourselves or with God. How are we supposed to be in tune with what’s going on within if we don’t take the time to listen? And how can we expect to hear from God if our attention is always focused on our screens?

We hear the most when we’re quiet. Ironic, isn’t it? Its in moments of silence and solitude that we can clearly hear our own thoughts and Gods voice. There have been countless times this year where I set aside time to just sit and be still, and my thoughts automatically revealed feelings id been harboring without noticing. In fact, most of my blog ideas come to me when I’m sitting alone with God and my thoughts. I challenge you to try it. When you have the urge to pick up your phone, or to turn on the TV, don’t. Sit and think instead. Free your mind. Draw, write, go outside and admire what’s around you. I promise that all your suppressed thoughts will flow right then and there.

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