21 Lessons in 21 Days: Making Unpopular Decisions 

This post is apart of the blog series 21 Lessons in 21 Days

Lesson Twelve: Sometimes you have to make healthy decisions for yourself even when they’re not popular.

Taking the road less traveled sucks. Here you have a crowd of people going in one direction and you’re the one person leaving that crowd to do your own thing. That takes an enormous amount of courage. You have to worry about what other people will say about you, or how you may look to everyone else. It’s hard, but the road less traveled is usually the better road to take, especially when the road leads to a healthy personal decision.

Life is full of choices. In any given day there are a large variety of things to choose from, whether it’s the amount of time you hit snooze in the morning, or which pair of shoes to put on. Those tend to be some of the more simple choices in life (ok, maybe not the snooze part), but what about the more difficult decisions? Things like choosing whether or not to leave that friend or significant other that only brings negativity to your life, or choosing a college/career. We tend to lean towards the more popular choice, which is usually the opposite of the healthiest choice. Always choose the option that will benefit your personal welfare. If it comes down to it, part ways with that friend/significant other that doesn’t treat you well. Choose the college or career that best suits you rather than what is most popular or most known. Choose to leave that place that has left you stagnant and take the road to new experiences.

This year I was put in a position where I had to choose between staying in a place that was no longer good for my mental health or leaving. I was seriously considering staying because of how many amazing relationships I built in this particular place. I knew they wouldn’t want me to go. I also knew, though, that I would not be able to strive there any longer, and that I would be hurting myself by staying. So I chose the hard decision to leave, even though it was the least popular route. I know that a healthy decision is the best decision, and that only I know what’s best for me. As long as I continue to follow God’s direction for my life, I’m confident that everything will be just fine.

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