21 Lessons in 21 Days: Spiritual Gifts


This post is apart of the blog series 21 Lessons in 21 Days

Lesson Fourteen: spiritual gifts can reveal undiscovered passions

I remember the first time I found out that God gives all of his children spiritual gifts. I was so interested to know which ones He gave to me specifically. After some research I learned that the reason we have spiritual gifts is to minister to one  another. Not everyone had the same gifts, so we’re supposed to use our personal gifts to help those that aren’t gifted in those same areas (1 Peter 4:10). Gifts are given for us to carry out the work of Jesus in the world. 1 Corinthians 12: 27-31 talks about the various spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, mercy, faith, wisdom, and teaching.

When I dug a little deeper on my research, I found that my gifts were of  mercy, wisdom, and faith. Each description for those gifts explained me completely. The gift of mercy is all about the sharp, sensitive awareness of another person’s needs. Merciful people sense other people’s pain and share it with them. The gift of wisdom involves using experience and God’s Word to give advice/feedback. A person with the gift of faith exhibits a simple confidence in God and it shows in everything they say and do. That’s me in a nutshell.

Since I’ve learned some of the gifts God has woven into my being, certain ministries have become really appealing. I love being in a position to take care of and love people while sharing their pain and experiences. I love sharing my wisdom and expressing the faith I have in God for all to see. My passion for mission trips makes sense when you think about my gifted areas. I get to love on/hang out with all kinds of people while sharing things like a culture and faith stories. As Christians spiritual gifts are such a huge part of our lives. It explains so much about our characters and uniqueness. If you don’t know which gifts God has blessed you with, I encourage you to find them out. This year, while I was doing all of my research, I came across some ways to help learn which spiritual gifts a person possesses. Here is a summed up list of what I found.

1. Learn about the spiritual gifts. Study scriptural passages about them and gain a good understanding of them.

2. Pray for guidance. Whether you think you have an idea of your gifts or not, pray about them. God will reveal them to you with time.

3. Make a commitment to God. He often shows us our gifts through opportunities to act them out. Trust in Him and do whatever He asks if you.

4. Examine yourself. Look at how God has already been at work in your life. Review past accomplishments and present interests. What are you good at? What do you love doing?

5. Seek confirmation. Do other people recognize the same gifts in you?

6. Try out the gifts you think you may have. Volunteer in ways that you can use your gift.

7. Look for results. Effective? Use this gift in ministry, take training opportunities, expand your knowledge, read books and speak with other Christians that have the same gift. Ineffective? Look to try out new gifts.

8. Continually pray for guidance and strength in the use of your gift(s) and ask God to open your eyes to the needs of others that your gift may address.

Once you find your gifts, you’ll know in your heart. Never stop using them, and helping others discover theirs too.

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