21 Lessons in 21 Days: Healing Takes Time

This post is apart of the blog series 21 Lessons in 21 Days 

Lesson Fifteen: The healing process takes time. Don’t run from it, learn from it.

Did you ever get hurt as a child, and get frustrated at how slowly your wound(s) were healing? If I remember correctly, it especially sucks when you’re on a sports team and your wound prevents you from participating for a while. In the same way, internal wounds can take a long time to heal, leaving us really frustrated that we can’t immediately get back to regularly scheduled programming. Our internal wounds can come from a wide variety of things like divorce, break-up, sexual assault, infidelity, addiction and abuse. While these things are truly painful to go through, it’s important that we don’t rush the healing process (or try to ignore it as a whole). When we try to go back to regularly scheduled programming while we’re still wounded, we end up doing an ineffective job. It’s kind of like a soccer player trying to play in a game with a broken foot that hasn’t healed all the way yet. It will only hurt yourself and those around you.

Healing takes time. Our wounds can only begin to heal once we allow ourselves to focus on them. It’s a process. And the best way to prolong the process, which is not ideal, is to pretend that it doesn’t need to happen. So, allow yourself the appropriate time to fully heal. Focus on the wound. Learn from it. Endure the process so that you can return to your life ready to effectively take on the world.

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