Subtle Reminders


God has been communicating with me in a very unique way lately. He’s been randomly placing things, in the shape of a heart, in my path. Its taken me a while to share this because it wasn’t until today that I realized two things:

1) I’m not making this up

2) God is trying to show me something

I’ve always had an eye for detail, which enables me to see aspects of things a lot of people don’t initially pick up on. So usually when I notice something out of the ordinary I kind of just shrug my shoulders and move on, but its not that simple when it comes to these hearts. They just keep appearing- forcing me to figure out what exactly they’re trying to teach me. I can’t remember when this all began, but it started happening so much that I decided to start taking pictures (partly to prove to myself that I wasn’t going crazy.)

img_8294img_8310These two were taken during my West Virginia Mission Trip in March


This was taken in August while working at Pilgrim Pines Covenant Camp this past summer

IMG_4615.JPG And this one was taken on campus this past Monday night.

After reading Jami Houston’s blog back in January about how God was showing her lessons through the presence of flowers, I realized that I may have been experiencing something very similar. Through some reflection and reassurance from a close friend I’ve been able to figure out just what God has been trying to show me.

These hearts, so carefully placed in the paths He knows i’ll walk in, serve as reminders that no matter where I go in life, He will always love me. When I least expect it, and when I feel least deserving of it, His love will forever be right next to me- surrounding me. And its something I can never escape, no matter what walk of life I’m in.

** update: 10/30**


10/6 going to cheer practice on campus


10/18 on a quesadilla I was eating 


10/27 pile of leaves on campus


10/28 in my bathroom. Coming from a night light with circles on it, not sure how the heart formed..


10/28 on the floor of Chase bank

**Another update 12/6**